Chapter 3. Dependencies

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XSL Translator choice

Writing or importing XML DocBook documents in LyX needs the following installed:


One of the problems encountered in using XML tools is the compliances between each other. According to some experiments, we can say that:

  • The DocBook XSL stylesheets version 1.29 don't work with XT.

  • To use XT, use the stylesheets version 1.34 or later.

  • To chunk with XT you need to use the xtchunk.xsl stylesheet instead of chunk.xsl

XSL Translator choice

Until now the best translators seem to be:

  1. xsltproc (Gnome libxml2/libxslt),

  2. Xalan Java Version 2,

  3. Saxon 6.2.2,

  4. XT/XP.