LyX Packages and Documentation

Lyx Layout (Algorithm-Style)
DocBook and LyX (Doc)
DocBook XML to LyX (DB2LyX)
Miscellaneous (Num2let)

LyX Algorithm-Style Layout

This package provides an Algorithm-style layout (.layout) and style (.sty) for LyX, that allows to write algorithms directly through LyX without writing LaTeX commands (in red). It is a kind of wrapper for LyX of the latex algorithm and algorithmic packages.

DocBook for LyX

LyX allows to write DocBook SGML/XML documents. Writing is not so hard, but configuring the system to make everything work fine can be fastidious. The following document makes an introduction on using DocBook in LyX.


This package contains XSL stylesheets to convert a DocBook XML document to a LyX document. This package is mainly taken from the DB2LaTeX stylesheets by Ramon Casellas. This release is really a beta one and does not expect to be complete!


This small package provides a perl module to translate an arabic numeral number to words. For instance 1530 is converted to 'mille cinq cent trente' in french. For me it is used to modify LaTeX files. It is available only for french translation.